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Alright, it's that seasonal time of year! If you want a Christmas card that's as awesome as I am, please to be leaving your address below (I've screened the comments).


1.) Phedre crawled to the upper level and snuggled down with Ysandre. She finally seems happy.

2.) Pan got neutered for his adoption in December to live with a saxxy girlie chin.

3.) Forgot my briefcase this morning and had to drive back home to get it.

4.) Tired.

5.) Watching Kung-Fu Hustle again.
I am apparently living a strange alternate version of cottonmanifesto's life...

Anthony put his steak on a small folding table in front of the couch last night and went into the kitchen to get the steak sauce. He came back and the dog was sitting on the couch licking his steak. He seemed surprised.
Sigh. Irritated with the rats. Already had another squabble. WTF guys. You were fine all week for 3-4 hours at the time. Let's stop being jerks. Rats have been moved to the living room for pokeyness.

Bess is off of bed rest now. She jumped out of my arms and onto the ground and sprained her ankle on Wednesday night, which led to me freaking out and spending 4 hours and $400 at the e-vet to get her checked out.

Made more rat mix today, found dried peas to add in for them. Rats is rats.

My mom is giving me her sewing machine and teaching me how to make rattie hammocks -- I'm pretty excited.

Today was my birthday.

Anthony got me 30 Rock Season 1.

And All Dogs Go to Heaven.

Futurama Season 3...

Oh, and a Zap Brannigan with Nixon...

Oh, yeah, and this little piece of metal...



I'd have to say "Yes", because I don't really know of a condition that is not worsened by drinking poison. But I am unwilling to drink poison to find out definitively.

Eating Mr. Potato Head

Eating Mr. Potato Head, originally uploaded by kikayume.

Terrible photo, I know, but it was just so baffling. Why would you put Mr. Potato Head on a bag of potatoes to eat? I don't want to cannibalism Mr. Potato Head. I love him.

It's like putting a picture of Bambi on venison. I mean, sure, it's technically correct, but who really wants to eat Bambi?

Thursday Morning

Thursday Morning
Originally uploaded by kikayume
So I wanted to try blogging more with pictures, like many other people I've seen and admired. I saw this guy on the way into work and stopped to take a picture. It looks like he spent quite a while on it.

Unfortunately, I'm using my cell phone for a ton of these, so the quality isn't great, but it gives me more versatility.

Jul. 14th, 2008

So while perusing the CNN news feed this morning, I read this rather sad news story:

Grandma hires hitman

And then I noticed that the woman in the article looked JUST like Mom from Futurama. (And, having been arrested for hiring a hitman, apparently acts like her as well).

But don't take my word for it, see for yourself!


Ok, this was last week, but the WTF stayed with me.

Our dog got infested with ants.


death of rats
.... she's making little frogs.

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